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memorial chorten

Kathok Yoesel Samtenling Monastery will be organizing Tsedrup Drubchen from 24th November – 3rd December 2017 at National Memorial Choten. The Monastery would like to invite all the members (Nyondro practitioners) and general public to join the prayers.

Thank You.

The purpose and benefits of longevity practice.

The great Master of Oddiyana said,

There is nothing that beings cherish

More than their own lives.

Therefore, swiftly make use

Of the many methods for deceiving death.

As he says, there is not one living being ho does not cherish his or her own life, and for this reason, we need to exert ourselves in applying methods to protects and extend our lives. This is extremely important.

In general, conditions that cause obstacles to life are many, and in particular, conditions that cause untimely death, such as weakened life force, the exhaustion of Karma, and the exhaustion of merits, are many.

The Victorious Ones, endowed with skillful means and great compassion, have taught many methods for removing obstacles to sentient beings lives and for stabilizing life force, and they have prescribed substances, mantras and stages of meditative absorption. Of these methods, the one that concerns, us here was given to us by our supreme master, the glorious and excellent Kyabje Kathok Situ Jamgon Chokyi Nyinche himself. The ritual, called Vase of Vital Amrita, was extracted from Rigdzen Jigme Lingpa’s mind – treasure teaching, Treasury of Space.

The Victorious Ones of the past relied upon sacred longevity substance, medicinal longevity pills, longevity dharanis, and meditative absorption to successfully accomplish their goals, Relying on these methods, one can summon, a wandering life-spirits (bla tshe), extend the lifespan of those whose lives are exhausted, take back life-spirits that have been snatched by nonhuman gods or demons, reintegrate life-spirits that have been cursed by priests of other traditions, increase power, influence, and “wind horse” (charisma and luck), restore one’s own five elements if they have been weakened or further energize them if they have not, thereby stabilizing one’s life, enjoying the glory of a long life free of illness and full of happiness, during which one’s virtuous actions will increase like the waxing moon, and one will accomplish vast benefits for self and others.

Thus, the Victorious Ones taught that the benefits of this practice are inconceivably vast, and I humbly request that you keep this in mind.

Memorial Chorten

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