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Wangdi Plaza, Opposite Bhutan Post, Thimphu, Bhutan

A week-long longevity prayer recitation (Tse Drup) will begin from the 24th of November at National Memorial Choten. Kathok Situ Rinpoche will preside the prayer ceremony together with more than 30 monks from the Baylangdra Monastery. Kathok Situ R will be at Memorial Choten from the 25th Nov 2017.

During the Tse Drup, Rinpoche will confer a Long-Life blessing ( ཚེ་འགུགས).Therefore, the Monastery would like to invite all members (Ngondro practitioners) and the general public to the long-life blessing ( ཚེ་འགུགས). For further enquiries please contact us at 77325088 &

Thank You.

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