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More than twenty years ago, during Kyabje Jadrel Sangye Dorje Rinpoche’s visit to Baylangdra, Rinpoche remarked that if a Nyungne prayer were organized annually at Baylangdra, it would bring the greatest merit for living beings.  He also gave a brief teaching on the practice of Nyungne.

Kyabje Rinpoche then spontaneously conferred the Nyungne empowerment and blessing upon those gathered, directly on the site where the Nyungne Temple sits today (Setpaithang).  He also performed a ritual ground-breaking ceremony for the future Nyungne Temple.  He granted seed money for the construction of the temple and for the sustained practice of Nyungne for an entire aeon of time, and he offered his best wishes and prayers for the continuation of the Nyungne tradition.

Jadrel Rinpoche
H.H Jadrel Rinpoche
H.H Kathok Situ Rinpoche

By the blessing and power of this great master, and due to the wishes and aspirations of his heart son, Kyabje Kathok Situ Rinpoche, we have completed eighteen cycles of Nyungne practice without the slightest challenge or obstacle at Baylangdra.  This is all due to Kyabje Jadrel Rinpoche’s blessing and prayers.  

From now on, as per Kyabje Rinpoche’s wishes and aspirations, and for the long life of great masters and the benefit of all sentient beings, We offer my prayers and heartfelt wishes for the Nyungne prayer to flourish.

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