Yangbum – Vase of prosperity


Treasure Vase (Yangbum) contains numerous essential substance such as precious soils, minerals and herbs collected from many holy sites located in more than hundred countries, apart from numerous precious substance handed down personally by highly realized sublime begins to be filled in the Yangbum. This Vase is thus a sacred object to be used meaningfully.

Further, His Holiness Kathok Situ Rinpoche has consecrated the Vase with empowerment rituals to invoke great blessings, Therefore, rich benefits of Yangbum are as follows:

1) It can replenish declining wellbeing, prosperity and abundance;

2) Overcome famine, war and sickness;

3) Fulfill wishes without obstacle;

4) Strength lifespan and fortune of all just like the waxing of the moon.

As such, one and all may take note of the significance accordingly.

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