Naga vase – Lubum


The Naga vase (Lubum) is being constructed in very much keeping with the experiences of ancient tradition and custom, our fore bearers. As a sacred object inside, we have placed statue of two naga King and Queen purely made of medical substance. Varieties of essential medical herbs, five precious gems and others without leaving any of the ingredients deficient, the vase is filled to the brim. This vase has been consecrated by His Holiness Kathok Situ Rinpoche with empowerment of great blessing.

However possessing this Vase, one holds a merit to detoxify for principle naga poisons (poisons contacted through seeing, bodily contact, thought and breathing), and contacting of leprosy and other naga related problems could be averted to great extend.

In propitiating Nagas and local spirits by offering essential medical substances, it is believed we will be receiving naga blessings such as longevity to life-span, disease free enhancement fortune and prosperity and old wish fulfilling. As such, one and all may take note of special significances.

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