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Wangdi Plaza, Opposite Bhutan Post, Thimphu, Bhutan

Homage to the Guru, Yidam, and Dakini.

You who vanquishes samsara’s legions of demons,
Unrivaled in your fearlessness and glorious qualities,
Accompanied by the Three Roots wisdom deities
And host of vajra guardians, please think of us!

Sangye Dorje’s vidyadhara heart-son,
Like a thousand-petaled lotus of unified bliss-emptiness,
May you send forth a supreme emanation adorned with all the marks and signs of perfection,
Like the bright orb of the rising sun, whose light dispels all ignorance.

Through the compassionate blessing of the Three Jewels,
The power of truth of the mamos and dakinis,
And the infallible law of karmic cause and effect,
May our aspirations be realized!

This was written at the urgent request of Semo Saraswati, daughter of the deeply kind Sovereign of the Mandala, Jadrel Sangye Dorje. It was composed with fervent devotion and longing on the auspicious occasion of Dakini Day, the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, February 26, 2022, by Kathok Situ Jamgön Chökyi Nyinche. May it come true.

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