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These days the sublime upholders of the teachings of the Victorious Ones, who are the ultimate source of benefit and happiness, are every year increasingly departing for the pure lands. This is creating a very sad situation.

In particular, the sovereign of the great secret early translation teachings, who upholds the treasury of the profound three lineages pith instructions; the Master who propagated the general teachings and in particular the early translations of Dzogpachenpo’s profound philosophical view and realization in three ways; the sovereign of unsurpassed kindness and unparalleled lord of the family protector of the wheel endowed with the three kindnesses; benevolent root guru, lord of refuge Jadral Sangye Dorje Chang, who although obtaining the vajra body beyond birth and death, for the sake of motivating beings who cling to permanence in the dharma, on the 30th day of December 2015, for a time dissolved his wisdom mind into the Dharmakaya.

This is a devastating loss to the teachings and to beings in general, and especially to the early translation school. We orphaned, protectorless disciples are left alone with an empty space in hearts, shedding tears of sorrow.


The sublime lamas of the Oral and treasure lineages’ early and later translation school made long-life supplications to the undeceiving vajra body and to our Master’s fulfilled promise to abide, live and bestow his nirmanikaya activity for a complete hundred and five years.

[Our Master] spread the general Kama and Terma teachings, specifically the heart teachings of Kuntuzangpo, causing them to flourish among people of different races and within a vast number of languages. For varied fortunate disciples, (our Master) laid out the path of liberation. Throughout his long life, our Master was free of the snare of attachment to the eight worldly dharmas

His uncontrived yogic activity was beyond worldly gossip. With pure activity, he cast fame and reputation to the wind in India and Tibet.

During his life, Jadral Rinpoche abandoned meat and solely sustained himself on vegetarian food. Each year he saved tens of thousands of protectorless sentient beings who were destined to be slaughtered. His condensed life and liberation is without exaggeration or denigration.

Although there is absolutely no need for our Master to purify obscurations and so forth, in order to complete the two accumulations for ourselves we observe forty-nine days of offering and puja before Rinpoche’s Kudung. People from all over endowed with faith are encouraged to join the forty-nine days ceremony as much as possible.

Especially in accord with our great Master’s most important teaching, the best way to honor Rinpoche would be to observe vegetarianism for one’s entire life. The second best would be to eat only vegetarian food for a few months, and to please at least observe a vegetarian diet for the forty-nine days ceremony.

Continually engage in earnestly practicing the life-release of poor sentient beings who have no protector and so forth and by directly or indirectly spreading the Buddha’s teachings. In order to fulfill the heart wishes of our sublime master, to benefit sentient beings I humbly request you to make these highest offerings of practice as much as possible.

Finally, our infallible Master bestowed two final testaments. First, there will be no Yangsi after his passing. Second, we should not lament. Holding the essence of this speech, I therefore beseech you to take this to heart and not endeavor to recognize a Yangsi or to write a swift return prayer.

In the seventeeth Tibetan cycle, on the 1st day of the 12th month of the wood sheep year, this was written by the one upholding the name Kathok Situ, the Lamp of the Dharma of the Definitive Meaning.

Translation by Sonam Lhadron and Ugyen Tenzin

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