Fourth Kathok Situ Rinpoche, Ugyen Jampa Minjur Shedrup Choeki Nyima

The fourth Situ, Ugyen Jampa Minjur Shedrup Choeki Nyima, was born in the south of Blue Lake, towards the upstream of Drichu river in the region called Ga Kaygu, in the year 1928, coinciding with the 16th Rabjung of the Male Earth Dragon year.

The victorious banner of the Rimed tradition, Jamyang Khyentse Choeki Lodroe and 5th Dzodtrul Thubten Choeki Dorji, Khenchen Ngawang Pelzang, Gaytse Gyurmed Tenpa Namgyel, Khenchen Dulwai De alias Legshed Jorden, Khenchen Nueden Khentse Lodroe, Terchen Jigdrel Yeshi Dorji, Minling Trichen Ngagwang Choeki Drakpa, and others have unquestionably recognized the child as the reincarnation of 3rd Kathok Situ Penchen Rinpoche. Soon thereafter, Rinpoche was enthroned at the Kathok’s main seat and then onwards received numerous teachings including the five treasurues of teachings, the Sarma and Nyingma tradition, and completely studied and practiced them, and Rinpoche could easily grasp the essence of the teachings.

Then, Rinpoche went on pilgrimage to India, Nepal, Sikkim and made many elaborate offerings and prayers, after which Rinpoche returned to the Kathok’s main vajra-seat and performed Buddha-activities to benefit the Dharma and the sentient beings.

According to terton Taksham Nueden Dorji’s Gongdue deity prophesy,it is said as follows

“From the east would appear a sublime being called Situ Choejung, The previous karmic obstacles would be immense, The obstacles, once cleared, would greatly benefit the Buddha-Dharma”.

Considering the above prophesy, it seems that the 4th Situ Rinpoche, in order to propitiate the bad karma of entire Tibet and its people, he had solely taken upon himself the suffering and must have ultimately given his life during the cultural revolution period. Such a great act of sacrifice by the Rinpoche is a source of great sense of loss and dismay.