The first Kathok Situ Rinpoche, Jampa Choeki Singye alias Ugyen Samdrup was born within a very short span of time after the predecessor’s parinirvana in the village called Yid Lung in Derge. The Longsel brothers of Drimed Shingchong and Gu Tse Penchen, called Trashi Yoedzer and Situ Penchen recognized the child as the reincarnation of Kyabje Tai Situ Maha Pandita Choeki Jungney, and soon thereafter, the elaborate golden enthronement ceremony was held at the Kathok’s main seat.

From then onwards, Rinpoche received the precepts, initiation, blessings and abhisekha( empowerment) on the Oral & Terma and Sarma & Nyingma teachings from the great teachers of that time such as the Kushab Rinpoche, Gaypen, Dodrup Kuenzang Zhenphen etc. Moreover, Rinpoche received the complete teachings on ripening and liberating pith instructions of the Great Dzongchen Longchen Nyingtik from Kuenkhen Jigmed Lingpa. Again, Rinpoche undertook the task of transmitting the detailed and elaborate initiation, blessings and abhisekha teachings on Longchen Nyingtik to Gyetse Penchen, Nge Donpa, Moktsa Jigdrel Choeying Dorji and Rigzin Jigme Goenpo, because of which the Kathok Nyingtik tradition still exists today without any disruptions.

Towards the later part of his life, after having looked after the Kathok Monastery for few years, Rinpoche traveled extensively to Kham and U regions to spread the ripening and liberation teachings and advice on the Oral and Terma tradition, thus fulfilling numerous Buddha activities to benefit the sentient beings.