Om Swati!
Youthful vase-body of all-pervading Dharma essence,
Master of spontaneous Sambhogakaya,
In response to all kinds of the web of magical display,
I honour the matchless lama on the crown of my head,
Although the life story of sublime beings on this earth are beyond
And relating it even for a brief moment, would make my tongue stammer,
However, trying to convey again and again like a continuous drum beat,
Time will come when the fortunate beings would hear the sound ultimately.

Over the vast expanse of entire Tibet, the learned and realized master, like the victorious banner of the Buddha’s teachings, incomparable in the entire three Worlds, the successive incarnations of H.H. Kyabje Kathok Situ Penchen Rinpoche, whose detailed biography would be comparable to the incomprehensible vast expanse and the depth of an ocean, still, hereon, a brief biographies of each successive incarnations would be presented for the sake of the sentient beings for them to accumulate some merit.

Ka Dampa Desheg Rinchen’s reincarnate Pelpung Situ Choeki Junge alias Karma Tenpai Nyin Gyed Tsuglag Choeki Nangwa, though already achieved enlightenment, yet, to the perception of the ordinary sentient beings and for their benefit is manifested as reincarnations as follows:

In the year 1700 AD, corresponding to the 12″ Rabjung of the Iron Dragon year, in one of the six-peak ranges of lower Do Kham, in place called Drida Zelmo, Rinpoche was born amidst auspicious and miraculous signs.

After becoming of age, Rinpoche studied al the feet of the following great masters and completely mastered their teachings: The 12th Karamapa, H.H Jangchup Dorji, the 8th Sharmarpa, H.E. Choeki Dhendup, Zurkharwa’s lineage disciples, the most grateful teacher, and the most learned teacher bestowed with all transmissions and realizations enriched by millions, the one called Karma Temphel and the realized master who crossed the vast expanse of the Ocean of Learning called Kathogpa Kyabgoen Gyetse Maha Pandita and the one who is most learned in traditional medicine ( Resposity of the Jewel of Traditional Medicine study) called Am Chey(Drungtso) Karma Samdrup and so many other learned masters.

During this time, Rinpoche could meet and clarify the doubts from the most renowned and famous Lama Karma Chhowang and Gaylong Mendrup and Teumar Geyshey Tenzin Phuntshok, who was learned in all the essence teachings of the Tibetan traditional medicine (Sowa Rigpa). Rinpoche personally asked questions, clarified the doubts in order to develop and further the Study of traditional medicine. Rinpoche also collected the extraordinary quintessential pith instructions, the practical experiences from the practice of Sowa Rigpa, and then compiled all these in a book format. Rinpoche also compiled the detailed Root Sutra which is translated from the original Chinese text, and the Ngulchu Tshotru’s draft texts. These texts which were compiled by Rinpoche is revered and highly regarded with sacred and boundless gratitude and respect by all the medical practitioners, not only in Tibet, but also in India, China, Nepal, and Mongolia. Thus the name and fame of H.H. Kyabje Tai Situ Maha Pandita Choeki Jungney became renowned/famous all over the three worlds.

Moreover, to benefit the sentient beings and the holy Dharma, Rinpoche was Initiating numerous Dharma activities in that region. At that time, while Rinpoche was propagating the teachings of a contemporary, Nubchen Namkhai Nyingpo’s heart emanation Kathok Rigzin Tsewang Norbu, in the regions in Kham, U-Tsang and Ngari and towards the later part of life in the regions such as Pukang, Ngari and Nepal, the Lams and Trulkus of Kathok lineage have had consultative discussions and decide to renovate the dilapidating Kathok University and made repeated requests to Maha Pandita to come to Kathok by sending emissaries, which were turned down by Rinpoche every time.

However, later when Kuenkhen Situ Choeki Jungney Rinpoche was requested to conserve, manage and propagate the precious Kathok lineage teachings by staying in the Kathok’s main seat, Rinpoche duly agreed to this proposal for the sake of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Correspondingly, after due agreement and consultation amongst the Drimed Shingchong Rinpoche and other senior Trulkus and Khenpos, H.H Pelpung Situ Rinpoche from Do Kham in Derge was invited at the Kathok Goenpa.

When HH Pelpung Situ Rinpoche was told about the above advice and the prophesy, Rinpoche replied thus: “The advice prophesy has a great significance, henceforth, I too would. try my best possible to manage, conserve, and propagate the Buddha Dharma. Not only that, even in the future, I wish and pray that my successive reincarnations would benefit the Kathok lineage”.

From then onwards, Drimed Shingchong Rinpoche was regarded and adopted as the root-guru by many Lamas, Trulkus and Khenpos. Sojang and ritualistic practice vows were also completely transmitted and guru-disciple relationship existed harmoniously, thereby, benefitting the sentient beings through the Gyalwa Kathok’s teachings in all the ten directions. This completes the first auspicious founding of the reincarnation of Kathok Situ Rinpoche in a summarized form.