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kathok situ rinpoche in sikkim

His Holiness Kathok Situ Rinpoche accompanied by Ven Trulku Ngawang Jigdrel and monks from Baylangdra Monastery arrived at Kathok Pakyong Monastery, East Sikkim just a while ago. On arrival Rinpoche and entourage were hosted a grand ceremonial reception by Pakyong head Lama Sangay Jamtsho, monks, patrons and by many devotees gathered at the monastery.

Rinpoche and Ven Trulku Ngawang Jigdrel will administer and confer the empowerment as given below:-

Day -1 : April 18th

Root empowerment and longevity empowerment for the ‘Gathering of the Vidyadaras Guru Sadhana’. Root empowerment for the ‘Blazing wrathful Guru, Hayagriva and Garuda’ Root empowerment and longevity empowerment for ‘Mother Tosogyal, Queen of Great Bliss’.

Day- 2: April 19th

Root empowerment for ‘The Great Compassionate one: Natural Liberation of Suffering’ Root empowerment for the ‘Innermost Secret Guru Sadhana: The sealed quintessence’ Permission-Blessing and root empowerment for the ‘Nyungne: Fasting practice of the Noble Eleven-Faced Avalokitsevara’

Day-3: April 20

Root empowerment for ‘The Trio of Hayagriva, Vajrapani and Garuda’ Root empowerment for the ‘Guru Yoga of Vajrasattva; Cultivating the Pure Realm of Manifest Joy’

Day-4: April 21

Long- Life Empowerment

The empowerment is requested by Lama and the Community of Pakyong Gompa.

Thank You

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