Soil Fertility Vase

Beyul Langdra Kathok Yoesel Samtenling is located under Wangduephodrang District which needs to drive 30 km from east west highway. Kathok Yoesel Samtenling, Beylangdra Monastery is considered as one of the hidden sacred sites of Guru Rinpoche. Under the spiritual leadership of Kathok Situ Rinpoche, the management is trying to preserve and develop our old age tradition Buddhist value, culture and spiritual practice. The renovation/construction of Monastery has begun privately in 2012 and is under full swing despite of financial support.

Therefore, the valuable items like Vases, life of Amulets, Incense and Riwosangchoe were mainly produce in order to support the spiritual of Kathok Yoesel Samtenling, Beylangdra & to support the Dharma Centre, Thimphu, Bhutan.