Dho Ngak Tenpa Rabgay Ling Lhakhang

This temple was initially constructed by Karmapa Khachhab Dorji and was maintained by the community of Ganglapong for many years. The conditions of the temple suffered due to age and was further worsened due to the 2009 and 2011 earthquakes.

The Ganglapong village is located between two big rivers and communication between the villages was difficult. Due to their being few religious practitioners, rituals required to be performed for both the living and death were diminishing fast in the village.

Thus, the Ganglapong Phayul Phendey Tshogpa, (village welfare association) requested His Holiness Kathok Situ Rinpoche to look into the matter to which Rinpoche accepted their request and appointed a Lama. Renovation of temple began in 2013. Upon completion of the structure and installation of inner sacred relics, a small religious unit was opened fulfilling the wishes of the community.