The temple located in the center of the village in Beylangdra has the sacred footprint and palm print of Terton Dorji Lingpa (a great treasure revealer) believed to be born in 1346. Sometime between 15th and 16th century Dorji Lingpa visited Beylangdra and stayed in meditation for seven nights.
When he was about to leave the place he had a dream where Guru Rinpoche prophesied “Son Dorji-ling, don’t go! Please meditate. You are destined to reveal treasure from this location”. Based on the prophecy, Dorling continued to meditate here. In the seventh month of his meditation, on the tenth day of the eighth month he met Guru Rinpoche face to face thereafter he revealed profound treasure text of Thuje Chhenpo Ngensong Kunchob (text of Avaloketesvara, which protects beings from the three lower realms).
In the past, a community temple, due to deteriorating state of the temple, the temple was entrusted to a private individual for care in 1970. However, the condition of the temple deteriorated, and in the year 2009, it was offered to His Holiness Kathok Rinpoche who restored and carried out renovations of the temple to as we see in the present form.

Dorji Zhabje Lhakhang