Felicitation notes asserting Kathok Situ Rinpohce as reincarnation (Yangsi) of His Holiness Situ Rinpoche: – By the congregation of Rinpoche, Khenpos, Tulkus, lamas and monks of the Kathok Monastery.

Presented before the Venerable Supreme Emanation Pegyal, Lamp of the Early Translation Teachings:

Recently, we received the letter regarding the supreme reincarnation of Kathok Situ Rinpoche via Tashi Namgyal, as well as detailed news of the situation from Khenpo Jamyang. We wish to extend our gratitude for this, as well as for your own immense efforts on behalf of the Kathok teachings, word of which fills us with joy.

Kathok Monastery Accreditation Statement

Upon receiving the clear and detailed news of Kathok Situ Rinpoche’s reincarnation, in the year 1987, in the Clear Light Temple, Khen Rinpoche Gyaltsen Özer, Trimé Shingkyong Rinpoche, Moktsa Choktrul Rinpoche, Khenpo Jorden Yangtrul Rinpoche, Jamyang Choktrul Rinpoche, and Khenpo Jamyang Gyaltsen held a discussion. Tulku Moktsa Rinpoche clearly explained to us how Kyabje Jadral Rinpoche had recognized the son of Ashi Pema Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan as the reincarnation of Kathok Situ Rinpoche. Then, as per the wishes of the Venerable Khen Rinpoche Gyaltsen Özer, we unanimously determined that the son of Ashi Pema Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan is indeed the reincarnation of Kathok Situ Rinpoche. We wish you to know this.

Meanwhile, as to his sacred religious robes and enthronement, to date a convenient time has not arisen. However, in the near future, a party of khenpos, tulkus, lamas, and monks intend to travel in your direction for this purpose.

Regarding this, you and the lamas and Tulkus who uphold the Dharma of Kathok, as well as the entire monastic and lay community, and those Khenpos and Tulkus who travel from here, request that all the necessary and appropriate vestments and an elaborate and profound enthronement ceremony be prepared and offered with whatever you have there. We here in Tibet have this confidence and hope, so please bear this in mind.

May your life be firm and stable in the essential nature of Buddha Amitayus, Lord of Boundless Life, and may your Bodhicitta aspiration to be able to bring immense benefit to the Buddhist teachings and beings be infinitely vast, we pray!

In accordance with your wishes, and to enhance virtue, this is offered by all the Khenpos, tulkus, lamas and monks of Kathok Monastery, on the first day of the eighth lunar month of the Female Iron Sheep year, in the seventeenth Tibetan sixty-year cycle (ca. September 8, 1991).